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Self-propelled green forage harvester

Dec. 30, 2019

1. Straw smashing in situ Return to field Use wheat, corn combine harvester and stalk pulverizer to harvest and smash fresh stalks with high nutrients and moisture while digging into the soil at the same time to enhance soil fertility and soil moisture retention.

2. Deep plowing and deep turning Every year in the summer and autumn, 27--30cm deep plowing with a crawler tractor, and then flatten the rake, which will thicken the active soil layer, reduce the soil bulk density, increase the water storage capacity, and reach the spring and rainy season. Spring early autumn resistance.

3. Moderate suppression Self-made roller-type roller compactor capable of timely adjusting weight. According to soil moisture, moderate mechanical suppression is performed before and after sowing corn to improve soil compactness, mobilize deep water to recharge the surface layer, and improve seed conservation. effect.

4. Machine sowing According to the variety of the crop, configure a suitable type of seeder to achieve a moderate sowing amount, planting in the best season, uniform density, consistent depth, and neat emergence.