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Forage Harvester Suppliers

Jan. 04, 2020

The Medi 9QZ series self-propelled green forage harvester is manufactured by Shijiazhuang Meidi Machinery Co., Ltd., with humanized operation, full hydraulic control, comfortable driving and reliable performance. Powerful engines and sharp blades ensure efficient harvesting. Smooth cutting and flattening feeds, headers with high-low-level auxiliary aids and multiple anti-overload safety clutches allow the harvester to adapt to more harvesting environments. This machine is mainly suitable for the silage harvest of corn, and can also be used for crops such as oats and cotton rods.

Double-blade auger is adopted, which has the characteristics of smooth conveying, strong strength of the spiral and durability.

The feed gearbox has a function of reverse rotation. If there is a blockage, the header and the feed can be reversed in time, and the length of the segment can be adjusted in three gear positions. The length of the theoretical segment is 8mm-45mm.