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Meidiqing Feed Harvester Introduction

Dec. 26, 2019


No matter what kind of grass resource is used as the pre-treatment process of green fodder, it is generally inseparable from the green fodder harvester.


The green fodder harvester is often referred to as the process of harvesting or collecting green fodder crops grown in the field.

There are many types of green forage harvesters at home and abroad with complicated models. The basic classification of domestic and foreign green forage harvesters is shown in Figure 1.

among them:

High-stalk green fodder harvester——field harvesting machine mainly harvesting high-stalk crops such as corn and sunflower as green fodder;

Low-stalk green fodder harvester——field harvester mainly harvesting low-stalk grass materials as green fodder;

Picking forage harvester—field harvesting machine that uses the slivers already formed in the field as feed;

Rotor green fodder harvester—the cutting cutter head and Fuhe drum are both named after the rotor type, which can harvest high and low stalk green fodder with or without branch;

Full-cut green fodder harvester, namely high-stalk green fodder harvester without branch;

Grate-type green forage harvester, including two cases, one is the grate-type harvester that mainly only completes field harvesting; later developed into a fine-cut green forage harvester;

The so-called universal type means that the same host changes the prefix to adapt to high-stalk harvesting, low-stalk harvesting, and stalk (pick-up) harvesting, etc., so it is called a universal green forage harvester;

The so-called dual-purpose type refers to a machine that can complete the harvest of green fodder with or without branches. In fact, it is a high-purpose and low-stalk dual-purpose green fodder harvester.

From the structural or functional point of view, on the green forage harvester, it is obviously composed of two major parts:

The first part: the receipt table, which completes the cutting and collection of green fodder in different states, which can be called the prefix.

Part 2: Finish feeding the stalks into all the broken grass pieces and throw them out of the machine. This part is actually called the shredder, which can be called the main machine on the forage harvester.