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Silage harvester professional

Sep. 24, 2019

Speaking of Shijiazhuang Meidi, the silage harvesting machine industry in China can be said to be famous. This company is not only famous, but in the past ten years, although it has been insisting on the sales of the first-class goods, it does not affect the distribution. With the enthusiasm of the purchase of goods and the enthusiasm of users to purchase, the market share has ranked first in the industry for ten consecutive years.

So what is the power that makes Midi stand up in the industry of flying clouds in China? The author believes that it is a professional spirit of ten years of hard work and unswerving.

Northern crops are generally cooked in one season, and it is easy to lack grass in autumn and winter, especially fresh feed. Silage can just solve this problem, but its raw materials must be harvested quickly. To this end, Shijiazhuang Medi Machinery developed a self-propelled harvester. The Medi self-propelled silage harvester is equipped with a 330-horsepower National III EFI diesel engine with a larger power reserve. Designed for users of high-performance materials, the machine is equipped with a grain breaking device, and the grain breakage rate is over 95%, making feed nutrients more easily absorbed by cows.


The hydrostatic drive system allows you to quickly adjust the speed of your work and roads, matching machine speeds to harvesting efficiency, and generally increasing your productivity by more than 10%. In addition, the Medi Green Forage Harvester also has the following advantages: the hydraulic motor of the header is reversed, and the header reversal is quickly and conveniently realized, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the work efficiency. Automatic electric knife grinding of the drum, no need for manual sharpening, safe and fast, reducing power consumption and fuel consumption, improving cutting effect and harvesting efficiency. The drums are arranged with 24 knives, which are evenly chopped and the effect is good. Intelligent monitoring with a throwing display allows the driver to observe silage loading in a timely manner. The intercooling and water-cooling rotating hoods are equipped with self-cleaning devices to remove debris from the rotating hood in time, which can effectively guarantee the heat dissipation performance of the engine. It is understood that the Medi silage machine is also equipped with an automatic lubrication system to lubricate important bearings for high-speed operation in real time, improving machine reliability and harvesting efficiency. In the humanization, the cab space is increased, the passenger seat is increased, and the air conditioner is standard, which improves the driving comfort.