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self-propelled green forage harvester

Sep. 26, 2019

Medi 9QZ series self-propelled green forage harvester is manufactured by Shijiazhuang Medi Machinery Co., Ltd. It features humanized operation, full hydraulic control, comfortable driving and reliable performance. Powerful engines and sharp blades ensure efficient harvest. Smooth cutting and flattened feeding device, cutting table imitation assistant device according to the height of the terrain, and multiple anti-overload safety clutch can make the harvester adapt to more harvesting environment. This machine is mainly suitable for corn silage harvesting, but also for oats, cotton stalks and other crops.

It can harvest lodging and stubble low. Tong Ma Li section is currently a highly efficient machine in China, silage maize 12-15 mu per hour (North China).

Comfortable driving environment, good vision, fashionable dashboard, humanized design.

Without row spacing, lodging crops can be harvested.

Powerful power 220 horsepower/260 horsepower, high efficiency.

The theoretical cutting length is 8 ~ 45 mm, and the three levels are adjustable.

Advanced feeding device integrates feeding and flattening to make feed palatable.

Equipped with the reverse speed box, it can vomit in time when blocked.

Full hydraulic control, small turning radius, easy and flexible operation.