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Silage machine features

Sep. 11, 2019

Medi 9QZ-2900B has high-end hydraulic drive system, German brand, quality assurance, hydrostatic travel drive, comfortable and convenient operation, significantly reduced labor intensity, power off brake, follow European safety protection logic, improve driving safety. The hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the engine for better drive and reduced fuel consumption.

The European technology advanced grain crushing system is used to effectively break the corn kernels, and the grain device rate is broken. It is 220% of the crushing area of the traditional roller grain breaker and has a longer service life.

An electronically controlled hydraulic automatic sharpening device is installed, which can make the chopping knife continue to be sharp, improve the chopping quality of the grass segment, save fuel and labor, and improve the working efficiency of the harvesting.

Midea Machinery has created a 9QZ series self-propelled green forage harvester with a number of special patented technologies to fill the gap in the domestic silage industry. Not only to meet the market demand, but also to increase the horsepower, and at the same time add intelligent sharpening and advanced grain crushing system. The operation is more convenient, the performance is more reliable, the hydraulic control, the driving comfort, the high-grade air conditioner ensure the high-efficiency production, and become the "must-select" product favored by many users.