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Medi 9QZ-3000 silage machine in china

Sep. 05, 2019

Medi 9QZ-3000 self-propelled green fodder harvester has become the leader of Medi green fodder harvester in many products with more advantages such as humane operation, full hydraulic control, driving comfort, reliable performance and so on. Then what are the advantages of this harvester, which can make users so "iron powder". Xiaobian will take you to explore.

Medi 9QZ-3000 self-propelled silage harvester has complete and advanced components. It mainly consists of double disc cutter, grazing drum, forced feeding mechanism, wheel cutter, arbitrary rotating throwing drum, cab, transmission system, engine, chassis and other parts.

It can realize self-opening, one-time harvesting, chopping, kneading, throwing, loading and other operations, the production efficiency is very high. Especially the high-speed rotating double-disc cutter, which has high cutting speed, holds and transports crops under the cooperation of the grain holder and the pull-out drum, and under the action of the forced feeding mechanism, puts the straw neatly to the cutting device for cutting; the inertia of the chopped straw produced by the high-speed rotation of the blade and the cutter wheel is the same. Under the same action, the thrown feed can be rotated to the guide barrel and the outlet, and finally thrown to the pickup truck, so as to achieve smooth operation in the whole process.