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Forage Harvester

Apr. 10, 2020

Regarding the silage harvester, according to the type of header, it is divided into a full-width harvesting head of a reel, a disc header, and a head picking roller header of a corn harvester.

For Meditech's reel-wheel full-width header silage machine, the original model is Germany's German E281. When Midea launched the project, many people said that this model is an outdated model. It is not worth investing heavily in the development of sunset products, but Midea believes that there are no sunset products and no sunrise products. Some are just the most suitable products that meet user needs and purchasing power levels, that is, supply and demand matching.

Facts prove that Medi is right. At that time, the domestic animal husbandry industry was just beginning to be scaled and industrialized. Many farmers have limited planting area and limited income, so they ca n’t afford high-end foreign products with high-end atmosphere. Every few millions, and the 9QZ-2800 series products of Medi had just met the needs of moderately large-scale domestic farmers at that time, so they were favored by users and have been loved by users for ten years.

However, the domestic animal husbandry has been centralized very quickly, and scattered and small-scale farming has been quickly replaced by large and medium-sized farms. In response to demand, Midea has successively launched 9QZ-2900, 9QZ-29009A, QZ-2900B and other series of products. On the basis of the continuous improvement of harvest quality, improve the ergonomics of the machine, make the machine more intelligent, and let the driver work more comfortably.