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9QZ-3000 Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

9QZ-3000 Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

It is mainly reaps for green and storage corn , reeds, cotton stalks and other crops. It is equipped with a six-cylinder 310 HP turbocharged engine with strong power and 2.96 m working width.Tower rotary cutting table, using German technology, feeding materials uniformly and smoothly, quick reaction, suitable for a variety of crops.

Product Details

Technical Parameters9QZ-22009QZ-2900A9QZ-2900B9QZ-30009QZ-3000A
The Whole MachineThe Weight of Machine(kg)55007260808083707500
Shipping Dimension(mm)6400*2490*4800(Working Status)9100*3200*5200(Working Status)8900*3210*5200(Working Status)8100*3160*3600(Transportation Status)7700*3320*4940(Working Status)
HeaderWorking FormatRound WorkingReciprocating WorkingReciprocating WorkingRound WorkingRound Working
Working Width(mm)22702930291029602850
Stubble Height(mm)≤150≤150≤150≤150≤150
Material Shredding SystemFeedingFeeding Quantity48888
Whehtert ReverseYesYesYesYesYes
CuttingCutting Length(mm)8-25(adjustable)8-45(adjustable)8-45(adjustable)8-45(adjustable)8-45(adjustable)
Cutting Roller Speed(r/min)1100960960960960
Cutting Blades Quantity12pieces12pieces24pieces24pieces24pieces
Material Shredding SystemWhether the grain is broken into piecesNoNoYesYesYes
Turning Range±135°±90°±90°±90°±90°
Whether or not the second throw (accelerator)NoNoYesYesYes
Loss Ratio≤3%≤3%≤3%≤3%≤3%
Power SystemEngineHorsepower(kW,ps)118,160228,310228,310228,310228,310
Cylinder QuantityIn-line four-cylinderInline six-cylinderInline six-cylinderInline six-cylinderInline six-cylinder
Engine Rated Speed(r/min)23002200220022002200
Air Inlet System
Double air inlet and double filter elementDouble air inlet and double filter elementDouble air inlet and double filter elementDouble air inlet and double filter element
Walking ChassisDriveFront wheel drive, rear wheel steering, hydraulic drive system imported from Germany
Ground Speed(km/h)1Gear1-3 2Gear2.3-7 3Gear6.4-191Gear1.4-3.5 2Gear3.3-8.2 3Gear8.0-20 R Gear3.4-8.5

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